About us?

A young team with more than 20 years of accumulated experience in the blacksmithing sector in Mallorca, we have technicians in welding and boilermaking and a senior technician in metal structures to be able to give the best support and ensure the highest quality products.

What do we do?

We are dedicated to the elaboration of any product related to steel (iron) and stainless steel:

Carpentry in iron and stainless steel, special profiles with perimeter rubber that ensures a total tightness, profiles of rupture of thermal bridge, ... in steel and stainless steel

Manufacture and installation of all types of doors, sectional, sliding, hinged, rolling, crossbows, ...

Installation of automation for all types of doors, we work with all brands

Manufacture and installation of stairs

Railings, pergolas, overhangs, ...

Manufacture of metal structures, cladding of roofs and facades


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Herreros Mallorca


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Herreria Mallorca

Carpintería metalica Mallorca

Trabajos acero inoxicable en Mallorca

estructuras Metalicas en Mallorca
Herreros Mallorca

Estructuras metalicas

Herreros, en Herrería en Mallorca, Fabricacimos todo tipo de trabajos en hierro y acero inoxidable, herreria en general, acero inoxidable, carpintería metálica en acero y acero inoxidable, también trabajamos perfilería especial en acero, estructuras metálicas en general, tanto estructura metálica pesada como ligera, herrería en Mallora fabricamos rejas, en carpintería metálica en mallorca fabricamos, todo en Herreros Mallorca

Herrería Mallorca

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